Fault Model Repository

We have compiled these slip models to simplify the use and improve the availability of existing finite-fault, variable slip models of moderate-to-large earthquakes. If you have any comments or questions about these models, their presentation here, or you would like to contribute earthquake source models of your own for the earthquakes below or for any other earthquakes, please send them to me via email. Also, please let me know (and the authors) if and how you plan to use any of these models.

Click on the Slip Model to view (or download) the slip model and/or slip values and parameters. Highlighted references are available on-line as well.

Earthquake Name Date Reference for Model Data Used for Source Modeling
Hector Mine10/16/99
Ji et al., 2000Geodetic, Strong Motion, Teleseismic
Kaverina et al., 2000Strong Motion
Wald, JPE, 1996Geodetic, Strong Motion, Teleseismic
Yoshida et al., JPE, 1996Geodetic, Strong Motion, Teleseismic
Dreger, GRL, 1995Regional Waveforms
Dreger, 199623:33 Aftershock, Regional Waveforms
Hudnut et al, BSSA, 1996GPS - Variable Slip
Hudnut et al, BSSA, 1996GPS - Uniform Slip
Shen et al., BSSA, 1996Geodetic
Wald et al., BSSA, 1996Geodetic, Strong Motion, Teleseismic
Wald et al., BSSA, 1996Strong Motion
Wald and Heaton, BSSA, 1994Combined
Wald and Heaton, BSSA, 1994Strong Motion
Wald and Heaton, BSSA, 1994Teleseismic
Wald and Heaton, BSSA, 1994Geodetic
Joshua Tree4/23/92
Bennett et al, 1995Geodetic
Hough and Dreger, 1996Regional Ground Motions
Sierra Madre6/28/91
Wald, JGR, 1992Strong Motion, Teleseismic
Loma Prieta10/18/89
Beroza, BSSA, 1991Strong Motion
Wald et al, BSSA, 1991Strong Motion, Teleseismic
Wald et al, BSSA, 1991Strong Motion
Elmore Ranch11/24/87
Larsen et al, JGR, 1992GPS, Surface Slip
Superstition Hills11/24/87
Larsen et al, JGR, 1992GPS, Surface Slip
Wald et al, BSSA, 1990Strong Motion
Whittier Narrows10/10/87
Hartzell and Iida, JGR, 1990Strong Motion
North Palm Springs7/8/86
Hartzell, JGR, 1989Strong Motion
Morgan Hill4/24/84
Beroza and Spudich, JGR, 1986Strong Motion
Hartzell and Heaton, BSSA, 1986Strong Motion
Imperial Valley10/15/79
Hartzell and Heaton, BSSA, 1983Strong Motion, Teleseismic
Coyote Lake8/6/79
Liu and Helmberger, BSSA, 1983Strong Motion
San Fernando2/9/71
Heaton, BSSA, 1982Strong Motion, Teleseismic, Geodetic
Du and Segall, JGR, 1993Geodetic